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Miniaturizing Luminescent P450-Glo® Assays for HTS


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Determining toxicological properties of drug candidates is an important aspect of the drug discovery process. Using high-precision liquid handling instrumentation and robust, scalable reagent chemistries, toxicology assays can be brought closer to the high-throughput screening stages of drug development. We demonstrate the scalability of in vitro luminescent P450-Glo® Assays for high-throughput cytochrome P450 activity screening in low-volume 384- and 1536-well formats.

Cell Notes 10, 6–9.

1Tracy Worzella, 1Brad Larson, 1Jim Cali, 2Aoife Gallagher, and 3Eric Matthews

1Promega Corporation, 2Deerac Fluidics, 3BMG LABTECH

Publication Date: 2004

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